Wc846 powder

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But how do we get there? UPC barcode scanner for guns and ammo. Compare ammunition prices, firearm prices and accessories. Skip to main content Skip to search. Powder Reloading 18 deals total. Filter Powder Reloading. Close Reset. StaBALL 6. It provides the best load density and burn speed to maximize performance from those already high-performance cartridges. Brownells Compare prices for this product MP is similar to Hodgdon's H or Winchester's Great for magnum pistol and AAC Blackout loads!

No Vouchers Needed! American Reloading The Great Deals Continue! These powders are very popular with high power and long-range shooters, varmint hunters, and benchrest shooters.Home Forums Classifieds About.

Anyone know if WC or WC would be safe to use to load. From what little information I've been able to glean off the web, these powders seem to be roughly the same and have a burn rate between and That sounds pretty kosher to me, but I thought I'd float the idea here first. I've been using WC in for a couple of weeks now. It works really well. I just used H data and started on the low end.

I fired it in M1s and my 03A4 and gotten pretty good groups with it. I'm going to try it in some Brit.

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WC works very well in. Much prefer for the ' Best, Swampy Garands forever. Swampy, were you using the older, hotter variant perhaps? The surplus I'm seeing out there right now is divided into a tracer class and non-tracer class that is significantly cooler burning. Supposedly the non-tracer stuff is "new" for some value of "new". No clue All I know is that burn rate was supposed to be similar to BL-C2. Swampy Garands forever.

Well I finally tried out the WC and had lousy results. I tried from 47 to 51 grains since 49 seems to be the typical. At yards it was all over the place. I didn't bother to measure the "groups" but I'd figure they were over 8".The switch-over from IMR to Ball powder was the focus for much of the criticism.

Actually, IMR gunpowder predates the introduction of Ball propellants by 19 years. During the same time frame, the only major US military use of Ball propellant in small arms ammunition was in. Smith, Ball powders offered significant strategic advantages. Its manufacture was significantly faster than other types.

Before the Second World War, production of other types of gunpowder took nearly six months. In contrast, Olin could complete a production lot of Ball powder in less than two days. More importantly, Ball powder could be stored longer than conventional smokeless powders. Excess acids 2 left over from the manufacture of nitrocellulose cause gunpowder to deteriorate with age, and with age, even more acids are created during decomposition once stabilizing agents are overwhelmed.

In part due to this ability to remove and neutralize excess acids, the manufacture of Ball powder did not require virgin nitrocellulose, as did other gunpowders. Smokeless gunpowders of any type 4 and most any age could be reused and recycled for their nitrocellulose. The manufacturing process for Ball powder was also safer 5 as it took place almost entirely in water. If additional manufacturing plants were required 6 for the expansion of gunpowder production or the replacement of powder mills lost due to accident, the manufacturing process for Ball powders required less specialized equipment.

This would equate to faster construction and lowered costs for materiel and labor. Yet, propellants other Ball powders continued to be used in US military ammunition. For instance, when possible, Remington would load military ammunition with IMR powders, supplied by its parent company DuPont. Ammunition loaded with Ball, IMR, and other powder types were used interchangeably without incident in the full spectrum of US military small arms.

At this point, the main goal was to show that the grain bullet approximately 3, feet per second could indeed penetrate a helmet at yards. However, all of this testing was performed with a inch barrel. When Remington delivered the first lots of. Introduced inIMR was then in use by Remington for production of military 7. However, Frankford Arsenal quickly found that IMR could not reliably achieve the quoted 3, fps from a M16 without exceeding maximum chamber pressures. It was one thing when Remington was turning out small quantities of.

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The choices were either to lower the velocity, increase the acceptable pressure specs, or change propellants.

However, it was warned that increasing the chamber pressure specs would be technically unwise given trials in which the cartridges were already prone to popping primers. Olin objected to certain specifications on cartridge case wall thickness and to the specification of IMR propellant.

Remington objected to the same case specifications and recommended that the prescribed maximum mean chamber pressure be increased from 52, psi to 53, psi. Federal Cartridge expressed the view that the maximum mean chamber pressure should be raised to 54, psi.

At the same time, the USAF was still independently ordering its own 5. The latter was in use by Olin for military production of 7. However, for the time being, the Army intended to stay with IMR for their own 5.I'm looking at plinking ammo. Are these safe to use as long as you start with the lightest loads and work up or should I stay away from this stuff?

Just wondering.

wc846 powder

What about powders from ammo? Thanks, in advance! If I am going to a match with shots at yards or more, I use better bullets and powder, usually either 69 grain or 77 grain BTHP's.

H works great in these rounds too. This knowledge is all left over from when I shot High Power, but it works so well that I just do not believe in messing with success. Because cases and bullets and powders all vary, and because barrels and crimps also vary, and because I use moly coated bullets, I do not recommend a powder charge.

Start low and work up to some standard velocity, but do not worry over getting the last 50 fps. The targets can not tell the difference. WC is pull down powder from GI and can be reloaded using H data.

WC is also pull down powder and can be reloaded using BLC2 data. The WC works well with grain bullets. The WC works with grain bullets.

wc846 powder

There are more accurate powders available out there but not anywhere near the price! I use these or Wolf for all targets out to yards and switch to 69gn SMK for longer range targets. How clean is the WC compared to some of the other popular powders? Can you even notice a difference? I was going to get some AAC, but Grafs just bumped the price up to I've used both.

I started with H, then went to WC, no difference that I could tell, and it was cheaper, then I read all about C, and WC was temporaily unavailable, so went to that, again, slight load change but excellent powder.

I use it for my 3Gun match loads. It groups great with the cheapest bullets Winchester 55's I could find. And I use the same load for 2yds or yds.

Over the yearsI have gone through several 8 lbs jugs of both WCC powders.

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I always bought mine from Bartlett in Owensboro. Also a great guy to buy bullets from. I buy 30 caliber, but he has quite a bit of GI stuff. Don't have any idea how well it shoots, never a problem with his 30 caliber stuff.

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Be aware that WC and WC supposedly have the same burn characteristics, but represent different ends of the spectrum of acceptable calcium carbonate concentration.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I'm loading up some. I started at the minimum load listed for BLC2 per the advice on the surplus containers I received and went up half a grain at a time, loading ten cartridges.

Speer lists Lee lists 25 and 27, so I decided to go with Lee's more conservative range. When I got to 27 grains, the powder was up in the cartridge case to the point I'll have a compressed load if I seat bullets in these.

wc846 powder

Can anyone advise? I not familiar with this powder and don't want to push it. Thank you, Dave. Regards, Woody Take a kid along. Woody, I've not attempted or thought about shooting anything yet. Thanks for the link. That's what I was thinking and why I posted seekng information, because the information I had wasn't quite jiving with what I was finding with the reloads.

My plan now is to back off the max to 26 grains and start working up from 22 grains instead of I'm looking for accuracy, not "full power" and was suprised when the case got full at 27 grains.

I'm hoping to find something at the lower, rather than higher end in order to conserve powder. Regards, Dave. Watch your primers closely for flattening out, that's a decent judge of pressure in a high pressure gun, which the AR is. That data was worked up in a Savage M with LC83 military brass.Bullet and Powder Questions for.

When in shot competition everybody used Varget. I settled on Even thou half the stages were rapid fire, no one crimped, unnecessary. I like CFE It meters really well. I usually shoot a 62 grain bthp with Cannelure. I use a light crimp. I use standard CCI small rifle primers. I have never experienced a slam fire. Last edited by 68Dave; at AM. Reason: More information. Any source for free shipping in. WR Moore. Originally Posted by kbm Looking for suggestions on: Bullets: What weight?

Cannellure necessary? Always good to give the twist rate.

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Ours are and so the only advice is Varget seems popular. We use and in our s and WM and now that I'm loading the s Varget is on order. Ran some 55s and 70s in the newestwithand the 70s grouped well indoors at 25yds.

Will wait for Varget and other bullet weights before headed to yds plus. Attached Thumbnails. Find all posts by Imissedagain Find all threads started by Imissedagain Visit Imissedagain photo album.

Depends on your goals and equipment. Bulletgr for plinking, maybe a grain for longer distances. Powder--I like Varget, but it meters horribly if you're not trickling. Crimp--None to a very light crimp. Cannelure--Not necessary, no advantage to using one, really.Remember Me? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Surplus Powder sources. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Surplus Powder sources Hi all, I was thinking that we could try to make a fairly comprehensive list of suppliers and the powders they carry.

wc846 powder

I'll start out with 3 of them. If you know of other places to get it, send me a link and I'll add it to the list. Maybe we could get it to be a sticky so we could all use it as a source of information.

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I don't know how all the tabs and format will carry over here, but here goes. Lar45, you mentioned earlier. You may already know, but I'll mention it anyway, because I've played around with this powder in particular. It likes to be pressured up to work best. In case some of the newcomers on the board don't know, there are quite a few surp powders data on castpics.

All of those loads were developed and test by members here or at the old shooters board. From time to time Powder Valley will have one or more surplus powders available.

You need to watch their web site. When they have one I want, and I've picked up several, I have them bring it to the big Tulsa Gun Show to save hazmat and shipping. They are good folks, and their specials are usually worth investing in. Yes that is a very good link to have in there. I looked at powder valley, but they didn't have anything listed right now. We should put a link to them in there though.

It wouldn't hurt to post shipping, handling, and "hazmat" charges for the suppliers.

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I've found some variation on hazmat charges from various sources. You might mention Midway. Not surplus, but just started supplying powders and primers Might as well add Weidners and Natchez.

Nothing is impossible for the person that does not have to do it. Originally Posted by lar Hi it looks like I can't edit the first post? Last edited by Buckshot; at PM. New Item, Virgin WC never loaded Loading lots of 50, ask for price on large amounts.

Special Ball. Soldier of God, sixgun junky, Retired electrical lineman. My office was a feet in the air, closer to God the better. Vendors I've dealt with Wideners, Pat's, and Hi-tech over the years and all were easy to deal with and helpful - Wideners is local so you'd think I'd be there lots, but their hours are so bad its easier to shop online. I work about an hour from them and they are only open weekdays and only during work hours so I never make it.

Pat's takes orders week nights which is nice - til 10pm eastern. Hi-tech I know will take orders on Saturdays which is nice as time through the week is sometimes a scarce commodity.

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